General Corporate Matters

A smart business person always obtains advice and assistance from an experienced business lawyer before taking any significant action.

If you are just starting a business, you need advice and counsel about whether you should incorporate or operate in some other business format. You need advice and counsel from an attorney, as well as an accountant, about tax elections and strategies. If your business entity is not properly created and organized, it may not provide you with the liability protection and tax treatment that you desire and expect. If your business has investors, you must be particularly vigilant and precise in operating and governing your company in accordance with all legal requirements.

Legal issues arise constantly in the operation of a business. There are contracts to be negotiated. There are bills to be collected. There are disputes to be resolved. When matters such as this arise, there is no substitute for having an attorney at your side who is familiar with your business, how you want to operate your business and what your ultimate goals are for your business.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a business or merging or otherwise combining two businesses, it is imperative that you have assistance from experienced legal counsel in negotiating the agreement, conducting due diligence (or having it conducted on you if you are the seller), documenting your agreement, closing the transaction and assuring compliance with post-closing requirements.

Page Perry has experienced attorneys who can stand by your side at every step of the way and assist you in complying with legal requirements and in making sure that your business obtains full advantage from all of its legal rights.